If your child's school year has not begun, chances are it begins within the next week or so. We all look forward to a brand new school year. Educators and administrators look forward to the new school year too. They love teaching and working with children to help them become better adults. It's you, the parents, they have the most trouble with.

Reader's Digest did a survey of school principals and came up with a list of things that you as a parent might really want to know about your child's educational experience.

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    Your Kids Aren't Always Truthful

    Even if your kid is the straight "A" type of kid, they will tell a lie. In fact it's those kids in particular who are most likely to fib. They don't want you to know that they aren't perfect. When they make a mistake they lie about it. It's a fact. If you don't believe it then you're lying to yourself about your child.

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    We Know A Lot About Your Private Life

    Kids are very observant. They are also like little tape recorders and it doesn't take much for them to playback all the dirty laundry that is floating around in your home. Fortunately most school professionals do their best to forget all the tidbits they've learned about you. However, it's probably not a good idea to approach a parent/teacher conference with the attitude of an innocent angel. The teachers and principals know better.

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    Bullies Rarely Get Expelled

    There are certainly kids who make bad choices and have a bad attitude. Those kids often make the school day tough for other students and school personnel as well. However, it's very difficult to actually expel a student. Even if they exhibit some of the most disrespectful behavior you can think of. The reason? Even those kids have a right to be educated. Most of the time the best your principal can do is suspend a student.

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    Some Teachers Aren't That Good

    In every group of individuals there are those who excel, those who are average, and those who are below average. You principal knows that some teachers do not perform as well as other teachers. They do their best to make sure every educator on their staff does perform up to the standards set forth by the school district and the state. However, some people just aren't as gifted as others. 

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    An Appointment Is Always Best

    Time is a valuable commodity to parents, teachers, and principals. Many times parents take advantage of a school play or sporting event to bend the principals ear about a specific event or subject involving their child. That's just not fair and it's not productive. Almost all of the principals surveyed said they love to talk to parents but please make an appointment to do so. This allows all parties concerned to focus on the issue and correcting it. Also, go through your child's teacher first. They are the people that are interacting with your child everyday. Let them help you.

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