We all know not to drink and drive in our vehicles. But did you know that in Japan you can't drink and "drive" your drone?

A man in Japan was arrested a few weeks ago for flying a drone while under the influence. Yep, it's actually illegal to do such a thing in Japan, as well as several other places, including far away lands like New Jersey.

The incident occurred back on June 12 in Toyota City, Japan when the 56-year-old suspect consumed eight cans of beer before noon. Then for some reason, he decided he was motivated enough to start cleaning his room.

While tidying up, he happened upon his drone, which he had bought a few years ago, and took it out of the box to see if it still worked.

Obviously, it worked so he decided to take it out for a spin. However, while in flight, the 1.2-pound drone "collided" with the window of a nearby residence. The neighbor called the police to report the "crash" and a full-fledged investigation ensued, resulting in the charges of drinking and droning.

The man was likely very surprised to learn that what he did was actually a crime. Earlier this year, Japan revised its Civil Aeronautics Act to include various provisions for drones.

So, the next time you get liquored up and want to get all crazy and fly a drone, check your local laws first.

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