What a headline, right? "Abbeville Woman finds Nickel Inside a Banana". Well, that's exactly what an Abbeville woman claims happened.

Crystal Cooper Roy/Facebook

Crystal Cooper Roy, of Abbeville, was in the process of making a banana nut bread when she came across the value-added fruit.

Is this gross? A nickel in the middle of a banana! - Crystal Cooper Roy, Facebook

"Is this gross?" was Crystal's question when she posted the picture to social media. Crystal claims that the skin on the banana wasn't broken, so she is stumped as to how the nickel made its way in. "The skin wasn't broken," she said, "so I don't understand."

I'm a little miffed, too, as I can't understand how a banana could grow around a nickel. Or, an even better question, is why would a banana have to grow around a nickel?

Even though one of the bananas had been victim to a Thomas Jefferson stowaway, not all was lost: her banana nut bread came out great.

Crystal Cooper Roy/Facebook

Hey, Crystal, if you have too much of that finished product, I'm sure we could find someone to take it off of your hands as it looks delicious!

No word from Crystal as to what she is going to do with her new-found riches.

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