Help is on the way.

As Hurricane Florence "zones in" on the East Coast, Acadian Ambulance has sent several units east.

EMTs will be on standby for when the storm passes and will be ready to move into the area(s) hit by this dangerous storm.

Lafayette Utilities is also sending bucket trucks and men towards the Carolinas. They will be there to help restore power once the storm passes.

We have also heard that the "Cajun Navy" plans to be part of the rescue mission after Florence makes landfall.

Early predictions are calling for several inches or feet of rain starting late Thursday and lasting throughout the weekend. As of now, Hurricane Florence is a dangerous Category 3 storm, but that could change prior to the storm making landfall.

We will continue to monitor the situation on the East Coast and keep all there in our thoughts and prayers. South Louisiana will be well-represented in the recovery efforts after this massive storm hits.

Stay safe!


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