Besides finding a time machine and sending yourself back to 1984, this is the next best way to take a look into the past in Lafayette. This isn't an homage to George Orwell, but a trip down memory lane. YouTube user discohelicoptre compiled some memories from nearly 30 years ago, including ads for Lafayette Utilities System, Party on the Green concert featuring Alabama and Reba McEntire at Cajun field and of course, the mall.

Back in 1979, the Acadiana Mall opened its doors to Lafayette and the Acadiana area. This collection of stores all housed under one roof was intended to make shopping easier. No longer would you have to drive from store to store, park, shop and repeat. From clothing to jewelry, gifts and even a food court, the mall had it all. Back in the day, it even had a waterfall at Center Court, which is now home to Auntie Anne's and other kiosks.

What starts out as a dark and almost foreboding introduction featuring architectural features of center court, the ad transitions into a time capsule of 1984, from outfits, hairstyles and more. Some highlight of the commercial include the wide open food court, which has been completely renovated (as well as the rest of the mall), stores including the Popcorn Factory, Durel's Pet Store, Pearson's Luggage and Gifts, Merle Norman and even a record store.

Acadiana Mall has gone under numerous face lifts over the years, at one point having a TGI Fridays at the main entrance, a 'wishing well' and cobblestone walkways (a nightmare for parents with strollers).

We hope you enjoyed this little flashback to nearly 30 years ago and would love to hear some of your favorite memories from the mall, stores you miss and more by commenting below.

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