The roller coaster ride that is living with South Louisiana's warm again, cold again, wet again, dry again, weather forecast is taking a dip toward the colder and wetter side of the tracks over the next few days.

Most of us will wake up to scattered showers and thunderstorms this morning. There is a small risk some of the storms could get heavy or severe but that's not likely to be the biggest issue we'll face from this storm system.  Don't get me wrong there could be some very heavy downpours between sunrise and the early afternoon hours but they should move out of the area later today.

The temperature and the wind chill or "feels like" temperature will grab your attention by later today. A cold front should push through the area this morning, that's the reason for the rain. Behind the front are some of the coldest temperatures of the season.

In addition to temperatures plunging behind the front, there will be a strong wind out of the north. This will make the afternoon readings in the middle 50's feel more like the upper to middle 40-degree range.

Temperatures will be held into the 40's for Tuesday morning as a blanket of clouds will help hold some of the warmth in but by Wednesday morning temperatures should be close to the freezing mark. We can expect overnight temperatures to approach or be near freezing for the rest of the week. 

Meanwhile, after the clouds move out on Tuesday skies should clear and the weather will be crisp and cool for the afternoon hours. As of now the long-range forecast doesn't call for more rain until early next week.



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