Somebody dropped more than $1,000 on a '70s-era guitar pick from Ace Frehley. The tiny stage accessory owned by the Kiss guitarist recently sold for a whopping $1,178.56 on eBay.

The yellow pick, which features Frehley's name on one side and Pastore Music on the other, was reportedly snagged by the seller's dad during an unknown mid-'70s Kiss tour stop at the Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Ind. "He was on the floor and caught this pick," eBay user loshe8 said. "Ace Frehley threw it out into the crowd, and my dad said he stuck his hand out, and it landed right in it!"

The only appearance in Fort Wayne by Kiss during their 1975-76 tour was on April 11, 1976. Frehley's guitar showcase on that tour followed the 'Dressed to Kill' song 'She.'

The same seller earlier auctioned off a Kiss ticket stub from the same era. "At the time, my dad wasn't able to find this pick," loshe8 added, "or I would have attempted to sell them both together."

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