How young is too young? That's a question legislators in Colorado could be asking themselves when it comes to smartphone use in the state. There is currently a petition being circulated in the state that would put an age limit on who can purchase one of the highly popular gadgets.

The Colorado proposal would set the age limit at 13. It would require retailers to inquire about the age of the primary user before selling the device. Retailers who fail in this mission would be subject to a $500 fine. The motion is being backed by a Denver area doctor and father.

While I can agree with the idea that young kids do not need smartphones of their own. I can't agree with the idea that once again we are asking the government to take over parents. If you look at all of the screw ups that the government makes child services would not let the government have children.

How young is too young for a smartphone? I would say that depends on the child. Some kids do very well with responsibility. Other children do not do well with responsibility. That's where I think good parenting should come into play. However, some parents do well with responsibility and other parents don't do well with responsibility.

For me, the issue with smartphones is more about kids developing even shorter attention spans and kids being tracked, stalked, and abducted by the bad guys on the internet than it is about giving a nine-year-old a $600 handheld computer.  Despite that way of thinking I still don't want the government parenting my children or anyone else's children.

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