He wasn't happy.

An Alabama Crimson Tide fan has gone viral after a tirade on 5-Star recruits.

While Bama was losing to Tennessee last weekend, this fan got very critical of some recruits as he feels like the early success may have gotten into their heads.

Like any other fan, when our team is losing we get rather vocal and seem to always have the answers, but this guy took his anger to a whole new level.

You can hear his friends who are with him at the time exciting him and he ultimately walks away in disgust.

For anyone who is not a fan of the Crimson Tide, you'll love to see the agony of this poor guy.

By the way, LSU will host Alabama on Nov. 5 in Tiger Stadium and I hope we see a repeat of this. After all, that would mean LSU is doing something right while on the field.

Now, while this fan is great, let's never forget the agony one Bama fan went through a few years back while at an LSU/Alabama game.



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