A woman in Alabama was found swimming in a 70-foot high water tank after she was seen breaking through a fence and climbing up the ladder. She was pulled out of 350,000 gallons of water by firefighters and the entire tank had to be drained and sanitized by Athens Water Department personnel.

Facebook via City of Athens, Alabama (Public Relations)

See the Facebook post from City of Athens, Alabama (Public Relations) below.

According to the post, a woman was seen breaking through a fence and climbing up the ladder of the water tank. She was able to enter the water via a hatch that was left open by a painter who was working on the tank in the week prior to the incident. The hatch closed on the woman behind her as she swam in the 350,000 gallons of water.

The post says that the tank is 70-feet high, which is no short climb for any person. With police and water department personnel also responding to the incident, firefighters were able to climb the tank and safely get the woman out of the water and back down the ladder.

Facebook via City of Athens, Alabama (Public Relations)

Reports say that the woman was taken into police custody and will receive a mental evaluation. There are no reports of injuries in relation to the incident.

See the initial report that was posted on Facebook by KALB News Channel 5 below.

City officials said that there were other water tanks available and that citizens would not experience any issues in water services.

I am curious to hear of this woman's motivation to go for a swim in a city water tank. It is obviously very hot outside this summer, but to make the 70-foot climb up the ladder is a feat in and of itself. Add in a pool of 350,000 gallons of water and this turns into a daredevilish activity.

Thankfully the woman was rescued from the tank before anything bad happened. This is your friendly reminder to not enter a city water tank, no matter how hot it gets outside.

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