It's just one more monkey wrench the COVID-19 virus has thrown into our annual planning. This time the virus is interrupting the college entrance exam known as the ACT.  The administration of that test was set for April 4th throughout the country. However, because of the coronavirus outbreak, those dates have been rescheduled.

Students who had completed the registration for the April 4th exam will now need to mark June 13th on their calendar. That will be the next national test date. Students should be receiving an email from ACT officials documenting and verifying that test date in the coming days.

Once that email is received it will be up to you, not the company, to reschedule your test date. Please understand it does not have to be for June 13th, it can be for any date the test is being administered.  All instructions on how to reschedule will be included in the email from ACT. The rescheduling is free but it is your responsibility to reschedule and confirm your test date.






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