If you live in Louisiana long enough you will eventually find yourself drawn to the outdoors. Our state's natural beauty and natural resources allow for all kinds of enjoyment in our great outdoors.

One of the hobbies that many people in Louisiana enjoy is hunting. Granted to be a hunter in Louisiana you've got to know what you're doing. Most of us learned our knowledge of the outdoors from our fathers or grandfathers. In some cases, that scenario holds true for women, but quite often the girls weren't taken on nearly as many hunting trips as the boys.

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For those ladies who love the outdoors and want to learn to be a better hunter our state's Department of Wildlife, as well as the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation, are putting on a workshop. This workshop is being billed as the next Mini Becoming an Outdoor Woman workshop. Plus the workshop will also feature a study in fowl language. No, not foul as in blue or off-color language, but the language of Louisiana's waterfowl population.

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The event is scheduled for October 2nd at Waddill Wildlife Refuge, that's in Baton Rouge or I should say near Baton Rouge so it's not that far of a drive. The cost is $35 dollars and the workshop is specifically for women aged 18 and older who want to improve their understanding and experiences in the outdoors.

In the workshop, you'll learn how to identify the different waterfowl which either live or fly through our state. There will be time spent on hunter education and safety issues too. You'll also learn how to build your own blind, call your own ducks, and once you've dropped them you'll be treated to some incredible recipes too.

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If you'd like to register you can simply follow this link. The event will happen rain or shine so you might want to come prepared. The way I see it, the worst that could happen to you is that you'll get to spend some time enjoying the scenic beauty of our state. You could also learn some great tips on how to hunt, clean, and cook a meal for yourself or your family.

Speaking of our state's incredible scenery. When's the last time you and the family took a walk in the woods with nothing but your camera? And bug spray, yeah you gotta have bug spray.

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