This is the kind of moment that any kid that has put on a baseball glove has dreamed about. It's that once in lifetime play where your skill and the circumstances lined up with just a little bit of luck to give you an amazing memory to hold onto forever.

In this case, there is plenty of video evidence for Jack Regenye to reflect on for years to come. Jack is the center fielder for the team from Kennet Square Pennsylvania. On Sunday in the championship game of the 2017 Junior League World Series between Pennsylvania and Chinese Taipei Jack let his glove do the talking.

His amazing catch was one of the better catches I have ever seen. He actually tumbled over the fence with the ball in his glove. There was some confusion on the play. At first, the batter was called out. Then that call was overturned and the batter was awarded a home run. Then the final overturn reversed the reversal back to an out.

While Jack's heroics are what most of us will be talking about from the game they came in a losing effort. Pennsylvania fell to Chinese Taipei by a score of 12 to 1.

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