Forget the groundhog in Pennsylvania, we got a New Iberia nutria to do the job.

Pierre C. Shadeaux—aka The Cajun Groundhog—will make his annual pop-up at Bouligny Plaza Thursday morning. Unlike our friends to the north, Pierre seeing his shadow means summer will arrive sooner here in Acadiana.

UPDATE: Pierre did NOT see his shadow! That means a longer spring, and less summer heat in 2017!

At the time of this post we've already gotten news that Punxutawney Phil DID see his shadow, so that means more winter weather. Being that we don't really have a winter here in the deep south, we're gonna put all our eggs in the Pierre C. Shadeaux basket.

According to The Daily Iberian, Iberia Parish residents usually hope for Pierre to not see his shadow so they can get an extended spring and less summer heat. Anyone who lives in South Louisiana knows that less summer heat is definitely a good thing.

When Pierre isn't strutting his stuff at Bouligny Plaza, he resides at Zoosiana.

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