Have you ever had someone from up north come to visit, and tell you they can't understand how we talk down here? Uh huh, all the time. We know we have a unique state, and with that comes different dialects around Louisiana. Folks in cajun country talk waaaay differently than those near Shreveport or New Orleans. And slang words...well, that's a whole other language here in Acadiana!

I was trying to make up a list of some cajun slang words for some out of state friends who'll be here for Festivals Acadiens et Creoles, and some of my favorites are below. This is by no means a complete list, or even words that might be said in every household in Acadiana. Feel free to add your own in, because life is about sharing what's best about where you live. And let's be honest, these are not literal translations, and they might not mean the same to you. But they sure are fun to say!

  • Boo -  your honey,  your sweetie
  • Cher, Sha - sweetheart, baby
  • T - put this before anyone's name, and it means 'little'. Like T John
  • Sussie - add a little something extra or sweet
  • Ro-Day - run the roads, wander around
  • Lagniappe - something extra
  • Parrain - Godfather
  • Nanny - Godmother
  • Ahnvee - 'a hankering for', hunger
  • Meenoo - cat or kitty
  • Pass a Good Time - gonna have a good time
  • Couillion - a nice way to put it would be a 'rascal'
  • Ils sont partis - They're off!
  • Gris Gris - put a spell on them
  • Come See - come here
  • Frisson - get a little shiver
  • Ça c'est bon - that's good!
  • Allons - Let's go



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