Calvin Harris just broke it down.

His latest hit single, "Slide" features Frank Ocean and Migos and is blowing up airwaves and ear pods everywhere. When I first caught wind of the collab via Calvin Harris' Snapchat, I was concerned that the finished product would sound a bit "forced."

I say "forced" because often times when big artists come together on records they usually drum up more hype than they do actual good music. This is one of the few occasions where it would be fair to say they achieved both.

Shame on me for being a bit skeptical because not only was it good, but it's been one of my favorite records of 2017 so far being that I'm a fan of all three artists. And thanks to Calvin Harris breaking down the making of "Slide," I now know exactly how it was all put together.

I'm sharing this because I know everyone can appreciate this—from my fellow DJ/producers to any regular music fan out there. Whether you like the song, or not, it's super cool to see and hear all the parts come together for a big record.

Share this one with any music fan in your life. They will definitely thank you later.

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