Halloween is just a few days away, so this weekend will be the perfect time for hitting up as many haunted houses as we can. There's one right down the road in Deridder called "Gothic Jail After Dark" and by the looks of it, it's a good one!

This once functioning jail house has been closed to the public for over 20 years, but last year reopened at the "Gothic Jail After Dark" haunt for Halloween.

You'll find your usual scares around every corner, but you might just find a real ghost according to some patrons.

"For some, it's a chance to check out the historic site. For others, it's another chance to get spooked -- by a worker or perhaps a ghost -- depending on who you ask.

You can expect paranormal activity and a double hanging... not to mention, the walls hold secrets of a burial murder."

Admission is $10 and the "Gothic Jail After Dark" will be open 6pm until 11pm on Oct. 27th and 28th. They will also be open Halloween night 6pm until 10pm.

For directions and more information, head over to beauregardtourism.com.

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