Gary Joe Ahrns wants answers.

Ahrns went Facebook Live recently, claiming that he was at a Celina, OH Walmart where it seems as if baskets of food were placed outside in order to be thrown away. Ahrns went through baskets claiming that the expiration dates seemed fine, citing that some items weren't set to expire until 2020.

During his video, Ahrns was approached by a manager who could be heard uttering something along the lines of "all it takes is one person to have a lawsuit" which seems to imply the food was no good.

Ahrns was eventually asked to leave, but the video he shot has been viewed millions of times with some people outraged by what they saw.

I wasn't there, but if I had to guess this November 5th update from a Celina Walmart Facebook page (around the same November 6th date Ahrns' video was uploaded) seems to offer an explanation as to why the food was placed outside to be thrown away.

Even though people pointed out the power outage Ahrns and many other commenters refused to take their foot off the gas when it came to criticizing Walmart for allegedly wasting the food.

As recently as last year Walmart has posted about new initiatives to reduce food waste as they continue to work toward a zero-waste future.

Another Walmart location in "Salina" (Kansas) has been getting heat over the video, and even though they aren't the "Celina" (Ohio) they offered up information on how they donate food to local food banks.

If the Celina, OH Walmart location the man is criticizing in the video did indeed lose power, do you believe he owes them an apology?

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