So, who had the better cell phone touchdown celebration; Michael Thomas or Joe Horn?

Horn did the celebration first, in an ESPN Sunday Night Football game against the New York Giants back in 2003.

After scoring his second touchdown in a game, one in which he scored four, Horn pulled a cell phone out from underneath the goalpost padding with the help of teammate Michael Lewis, and pretended to make a call.

Horn's celebration drew the Saints a 15-yard penalty, while landing him a $30,000 fine from the NFL.

On Sunday, in the Saints' 45-35 win over the previously undefeated Los Angeles Rams, Michael Thomas sealed the triumph, catching a 72-yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees, before recreating Horn's famous celebration, exactly 15 years later.

Thomas will reportedly be fined at least $13,369 for the celebration.

Which celebration did you like better?

Watch both below, and decide:

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