Next week the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) will consider allowing the use of cell phones on airplanes.  When I first saw this I wondered what bone-head would want this?  On second thought I wondered what bone-head would want this?

Isn't it aggravating enough to be seated next to a screaming child or snoring seat mate?  When I am on a long flight I want to catch up on sleep or just relax in anticipation of my destination.  I certainly don't want to hear all the intimate details of someone's life.

Some people just don't understand when speaking on a cell phone everyone within 50 or so feet of you can hear everything you say.  Some people also think when speaking on a cell phone you have to speak louder because it's a small device.  Image how loud those people will speak when it dawns on them that they are a few miles above the earth!  They will probably think they have to yell to get the people on Earth to hear them!

The volume is one thing but the subject matter will be an entirely different thing.  Some people will discuss their child's toilet training, their sex lives and goodness knows what else so the whole world can get grossed out.

Flight attendants are already expressing their opposition to cell phone use in flight knowing the possible implications.  Can you image the altercations that will ensue when someone refuses to put away the phone or lower their voice while somebody tries to sleep or read?  Flight attendants will need to have air marshals for back up with stun-guns at the ready.

Speaking with a few people I know in the flight industry leads me to believe that any cell phone use will be very expensive per call because cell service will be non-existent at altitude therefore some sort of wifi arrangement or satellite phone arrangement will be needed.  We can only hope for very expensive fees.

I hope this never comes to pass but if it does I hope airlines will be required to offer isolation booths for those using cell phones.  Maybe those booths could be situated on the wings of the plane?

Can you image the frustration that will occur when a caller decides he will tie up a restroom for an extended period of time to complete a 'love connection'?

It's my opinion that we don't need and should not be allowed cell phone use in flight.

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