Esquire magazine called The Chainsmokers the Nickelback of EDM. Their response was perfect.

To be fair, the article posted by Esquire didn't just throw out this Nickelback comparison to be cruel. They actually offered up an explanation saying that the DJ duo followed a similar path to their massive popularity,

becoming immensely popular by using the worst cliches the genre has to offer, and then taking it down to the river and putting it out of its misery.

Another line from the article was even more straight to the point.

The duo brings all the worst cliches of the genre, and just might destroy it.

The duo had their first hit with 'Selfie', which was originally meant to be a joke to help promote a gig in Miami. When they posted the track to Soundcloud it literally blew up overnight. This led to the duo inking big deals, but many pegged them to be a one-hit wonder.

That wasn't the case at all.

Love them or hate them, The Chainsmokers' last three singles (not including 'Selfie') have all been smash hits with a fourth ('Paris') flying up the charts. Of course, with big success comes big criticism (Nickelback, anyone?) and The Chainsmokers are well aware of that.

So, instead of firing back at the writer, Alex and Drew responded perfectly by tweeting the video below.

Esquire isn't the only publication that took a swipe at the duo. Yesterday, New Orleans based Offbeat Magazine announced The Chainsmokers would be making a stop in New Orleans on their upcoming tour by ripping the duo and their fans to shreds.

The only problem with putting energy into making fun of the Chainsmokers, is that no one can do it as well as they do. From personal experience, I can tell you that they are two of the most self deprecating guys in the business.

Nickelback or not, The Chainsmokers clearly don't take themselves as seriously as others do—and because of that, something tells me they will be fine moving forward in whatever they pursue.

What do you think of their critics? What do you think of their response? Comment below!


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