Many people talk about the gift of giving. It's part of the Christmas Spirit, and something the world could use more of. As the holidays draw nearer, I am reminded of something that Fred Rogers's mother told Fred: look for the helpers. That's one smart woman, and you can tell that she possessed a strong moral compass based on her refreshingly wholesome son.


Are you one of those 'helpers'? Do you want to be?

Not everyone is destined to be a firefighter, police officer, or someone's savior. We can all be a helper, however, if we give back. When it comes to giving your money, I would recommend looking local first. You'll find more trustworthy individuals at the local level working at fundraising events and your local non-profit. You'll also get to see change happen faster in your own community.


Here are a few events happening in the near future that can help you feel the warmth of giving:

Aforementioned events are taken from

Otherwise, you may find more non-profits and charities HERE and HERE.

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