Is this debate as serious as some LSU fans make it out to be?

I'm talking about the fact that some LSU fans (almost exclusively females) get roasted for wearing leopard, cheetah, zebra, snakeskin etc. (basically, anything but tiger) stripes as part of their gameday getup.

Full disclosure: I'm a UL Ragin' Cajuns fan from Lafayette, LA who works on the flagship radio station for the aforementioned university. With that said, I also support my Louisiana schools and enjoy watching LSU play as well. It should also be noted that being a DJ for nearly the last 20 years has severely hindered my ability to enjoy a Louisiana Saturday Night in Death Valley, but I hear it's nothing short of amazing and sometimes the experience manages to register on the Richter scale.

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I say all that to express that I don't really have a dog (or a Tiger) in this fight, but I can totally understand how some LSU die-hards completely flip their sh** when they spot a leopard or cheetah print anything from a distance during their tailgating activities.

(Apparently, some people also think maroon, fuschia, and pink are also acceptable LSU gameday colors—but that's another debate for another day)

Now that I've explained my position, I can go on to say I was scrolling through Facebook today and saw a friend call out a local Baton Rouge boutique for marketing an outfit as something that would be perfect for the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

Being that LSU kicks off their season this Sunday in Dallas, the post included a Tiger emoji and the hashtag #LSU Gameday—but the denim and boots featured in the photo beneath the caption included a leopard print top and that did NOT sit well with my Facebook friend at all. She hit them with a comment asking:

Why tag LSU in leopard print when we are Tigers?!?

As trivial as this may sound to some, this is a big issue with a lot of Tiger fans—while others find it laughable, and couldn't care less. A blog post from had this to say about the "supposed LSU fans"—specifically the ones who don't "accurately represent" their team.

Our team wears purple and gold. Our mascot is the tiger. These things are not suggestions, they’re part of our grand tradition of our brand of football, specifically, caring a little too deeply about it. We clothe ourselves in regal purple and rich gold and wrap our bodies in the stripes of a tiger because we are a proud people who believe in hard work, fellowship and defensive backs. You took the time to buy football tickets or pay TAF fees or even travel hours to a game and you couldn’t be bothered to find an outfit that accurately represents your team? As LSU fans, we have three options for Game Day: purple, gold and/or tiger stripes. This is not rocket science.

So, is this an LSU gameday fashion faux pas? Please sound off, and let your voice be heard!

And while you're at it, check out this guide to LSU Gameday according to SouthernFlair.

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