The Lafayette International Center has now been named for the former Lafayette Community Development Director, Phil Lank.

In addition to being Lafayette's Community Development Director, Lank was also instrumental in the development of Festival International de Louisiane with co-founder Herman Mhire in 1987.

Lank was announced by Mayor Kenny Bowen as the head of Lafayette Community Development in 1997.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory says the name of the facility will be known as the Philip Arleigh Lank Building after a vote of the Lafayette City Council.

Josh Guillory
KPEL Photo

Guillory had this to say about Lank,

During his tenure, he championed efforts to improve the livability of inner-city neighborhoods, revitalize downtown Lafayette, and generally improve the quality of life for the entire community.

A ceremony for the dedication was held on Saturday at 735 Jefferson Street.

Former Lafayette Chief Administrative Officer Glen Webre says,

Phil dared to think out of the box, pave new paths, and travel uncharted waters for the good of Lafayette.

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