Pineville-based Cleco Corporate Holdings has acquired South Central Generating LLC, including nine utility cooperatives and eight generating assets in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, totaling one-billion-dollars.

Spokesperson Jennifer Cahill says they will be able to significantly increase the scale of their operations in Louisiana with the ability to provide over 35-hundred megawatts of power in all three states.

"Through this acquisition, Cleco will more than double it's generation capacity and their number of user-end customers they serve by 70-percent."

In their intent to file, as a new unregulated subsidiary, Cleco Energy plans to take over utility operations in New Roads. Cahill says this will be a seamless transition for their customers.

"Cleco Energy, which is the new entity that will be created, will operate as a new business under Cleco and separate Cleco Power. Cleco Power customers will not be impacted."

To reaffirm their commitment to Louisiana, Cahill says Cleco Energy will maintain the current workforce as part of the acquisition.

"Employment levels, employee compensation levels and employee benefits will be maintained for Cleco Energy, Cleco Power and Cleco support employees."

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