Things got really heated between LSU Coach Will Wade and UL Coach Bob Marlin Wednesday night in Baton Rouge.

Prior to the game Wednesday night I could sense that there was tension between the two coaches. Wade was not happy with some of the comments Marlin made about his LSU team and their facilities.

For a minute I did not think they'd greet each other prior to the NIT game, but they did share a brief handshake.

Then things got really heated towards the end of the game. With just a few seconds left in the game, Coach Wade called a timeout and allegedly made comments directed at Marlin and his team.

Coach Marlin had to be restrained by assistant coaches and police as the two teams were in timeout.

After the game, the teams and coaches shook hands and words were exchanged, but nothing escalated.

Personally, I thought this was great. I think this is EXACTLY what basketball needed in Louisiana. Now, if we can only figure out a way to have LSU and UL play every year on the hardwood. 

Many thought the two coaches were out of line with their behaviour and language, but this wasn't the first time coaches "go at it." Here are a few times coaches went at it on and off the court. 


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