A heartwarming local story is now going worldwide.

Back on August 9, we told you about a Lafayette couple that got engaged in the most heartwarming fashion. After unexpectedly contracting a disease that would gradually take his hearing, Hayward was shocked when the first thing he heard after getting his cochlear implant was a marriage proposal.

His partner, Kerry, asked for his hand in marriage—and given everything they had been through together, the emotional moment instantly went viral. It's been a couple of months and their story is still making its way around the world, catching the attention of Buzzfeed who shared their story this week.


I caught up with Hayward and he told me things are looking up when it comes to his health.

I’m still dealing with a few complications, but I have some of the best doctors in our area! Dr. White with Camellia ENT, Elizabeth Lemaire with ACI, Nick with Tri-City Physical Therapy, the list can just continue but I’m receiving the best care Lafayette has to offer!

Hayward and Kerry told me that since their interview with Buzzfeed on Monday, they are working to make some of their lifestyle changes concrete. Their business, Basin Blend, is also doing well—and you can find their seasoning in local stores around Acadiana.

We have 3 rough cuts seasonings. Basin blend - original rough cut; Cajun blend which is a spicier seasoning, and our lemon pepper rough cut! We are currently in several stores around Acadiana, Fresh Pickins, Sandra’s, Little Vernon’s, Nunu’s, Kevin Guidry’s and Cade’s in St Martinville. And we are always at the Moncus park farmers Market.

We wish this local couple the best in their future endeavors!

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