The transformation of Brown Park will be the topic of discussion at a meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m.

People who are interested in changes to the park can join members of the Lafayette Consolidated Government's Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture Department who will host the meeting at Dupuis Recreation Center at 1212 East Pont des Mouton Road.

As far as changes to Brown Park, LCG officials say that representatives from LAND Architecture and ACSW Architects will be at the meeting to show possible ideas of how the park could be changed.

The goal of the meetings is to work with the public to transform the park into a softball super park along with a major transformation for the baseball fields. Input from prior meetings and other input from the public has been taken into consideration.

Everyone is welcome to come and give their input.

Millions of dollars in grant money are available for the new improvements at the park. Lafayette City Council District 1 Councilman Pat Lewis along with Lafayette Parish District 5 Councilman A.B. Rubin have said they would like to see the park turned into a facility similar to St. Julien Park in Broussard.

There are two grants totalling around $9 million to make the changes to Brown Park.

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