Somebody made a website to figure out what song your parents were listening to when they made you. And once you get past the "ewww!" factor, it's pretty cool.

Porktrack -- yep, that's its name -- is pretty simple: You plug in your birthday, and the site pulls up a popular song from the era, complete with a YouTube video to give you a taste of what your parents' go-to lovemaking song was back in the day.

So let's say you were born on Jan. 1, 1959, the default year on the site. The song your parents were most likely listening to at the time of your conception? 'The Chipmunk Song' by the Chipmunks. Which is kinda weird, but whatever floats your boat.

Plug in, say, July 8, 1994, and Mariah Carey's 'Dreamlover' pops up. That one makes a lot more sense, right? We're guessing tons of people in their late teens and twenties were conceived while Mariah hit those world-famous high-octave notes of hers.

Porktrack grabs its info from what songs were riding high on the Billboard chart at the time. So if your folks weren't Top 40 fans, or were a little more throwback during their lovemaking sessions, then Porktrack probably isn't, um, nailing the song you were conceived to.

If you're really interested in what your mom and dad were grooving to beneath the sheets (or on the living room floor or kitchen counters or whatever) when they made you, just ask them. Just be prepared for the years of damage the answer will inflict on you.

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