Content. Content. Content. Jaci Russo says content is key in driving home the message of your brand. Here is today's RazorBranding Blog:

4 Tools to Help Focus Your Content

Content is king. If part of your brand (and it should be) is projecting your knowledge into the world, then you need to learn focus for more impactful writing and content. Many small business owners are doing it all; from sales to marketing to blogging. Content management can be particularly tricky because many don’t consider themselves writers or “creative types” and not everyone has the means to hire professional copy-editors and content managers. But as everyone knows, small business owners will still have to turn out material on blogs and social media to have a useful brand.

So how do you bring your content into focus? Here are 4 tools that might help.

This handy little tool lets you drop the most popular keywords into your content. It gives you insight on what people are searching so you can get your engagement. That way you can focus your content on what people are actually searching for.

This is a great one for any business owner committed to keeping up a timely blog. Even the most creative writer can come up short on topics now and again. This tool generates topic suggestions based on a few questions.

This one is free and there is nothing to download. You can type or paste your content directly into the checker; the site will check for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, tense, and more.

This app turns your phone, computer or tablet into a brainstorming session. No matter where you are or what device you are using, your thoughts and ideas will update and come together in an easy to use app.

Now that you know help is out there, you can concentrate more on topics, posts and information that differentiates your brand and engages your audience. Your blog and social media should be working in harmony with your entire brand.

Don’t get caught up in the technical aspects of content, just make sure you are turning out information that will speak to who you are trying to reach.

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