I'm going to tell you right now that while there is news in this story, there is also opinion. I'm expressing my understanding and love for Derek Kirchner and his family. Their problem? Their dog, Marley, is missing. And I would do just about anything if my dog was missing including giving a reward and my Corvette if I had one. I first heard about their story from my friend, Mary, who read about it.

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So, what am I talking about? Kirchner and his family were vacationing back in September when their dog Marley took off down the beach, and now Derek spends each day driving around Hilton Head, South Carolina looking for Marley.

Bernie's Dog Gracie
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I totally understand this man. Shortly after losing my husband about a year ago, because of my mistake, my dog Gracie was able to get out of my fenced backyard. I was absolutely desperate. I could not believe I had been so careless. I was scared to death that she would be killed. Thankfully, my old friend Sally Stroup, and my Facebook friend Colleen McGovern, along with other kind people on the social media platform led to the rescue of my little pup. Colleen saw Gracie near Lafayette High School and picked her up.

Sally shared the information to one of the lost dog Facebook pages, and Colleen saw it. Within 45 minutes, I was meeting Colleen to be reunited with my Gracie girl! I am hoping by sharing this story, Derek can have the same kind of reunion.

Marley 2
Bring Marley Home Facebook Page

Now, I know it's a longshot that writing this little story will help him get Marley back, but I figure it couldn't hurt to try.

Derek is sweetening the pot to make sure that if someone sees Marley that she will be returned. He was offering $4,000 which he still is, but he is also offering his Corvette! No kidding.

In my opinion, Derek's wife Alex, is a kind, understanding soul. She loves Marley too, but at some point, she and their baby went home to Atlanta, while Derek stayed back in Hilton Head, South Carolina to continue his daily search for Marley.

It's not like one of us will run into Marley, but we all have friends across the country, so someone could see this, and help the Kirchners get their dog back.

The Kirchners have a Facebook group about the details concerning their dog and the search for Marley.

They adopted Marley four years ago, and Derek says he just wants his baby back. He doesn't care about the money or giving up the car.

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I understand Derek! I really do. I bet so many people reading this understand. Our pets are like family. Often I encounter people who aren't "dog people", and some find it hard to understand why I'm so crazy about my pooches. But you "dog people" know exactly what it would be like if you lost one of your fur babies. If Marlie and Gracie disappeared, I would be heartbroken.

Derek has been searching for months, and the search can't last forever because it's costly. I sure hope this man finds his dog. If someone sees the dog, the number to call is 404-444-0569.

While you're at it today, take a minute to look at some of the local Facebook pages for missing pets, like Lost and Found Pets Acadiana, Lafayette, Louisiana - Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets, and the Lafayette Animal Shelter and Care Center Lost & Found Pets.

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