We are a beautiful and unique state, with a whole lotta history! I mean, people come from all over the world to enjoy our people places and events. But I'm betting that, like me, you don't know everything about the history of Louisiana.

Only in Louisiana has given me some historical facts that I wanted to pass along, because I didn't know any of these, and they are completely awesome!

  • Louisiana has the tallest state capital building in the USA. 34 stories high, and 450 feet tall
  • 'Sylvain' was the very first opera performed in the United States, and it was on May 22, 1796 in New Orleans
  • The official state drink is milk. In a state known for alcohol consumption, this is kind of a surprise
  • Mardi Gras colors are no accident. Purple stands for justice, gold is for power, and green is for faith
  • The St Charles streetcar line has been in operation since 1835, and is the oldest continually operating line in the USA
  • In Louisiana, you can get a $500 fine for delivering a pizza to someone without them knowing first
  • Tabasco was invented in 1870, and holds the second oldest food trademark in the United States
  • Rayne has the only north to south facing cemetery in the USA


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