A tragic car crash became even more traumatic for family members of Tyler Nicole Girard according to a report by KLFY. A crematory worker has been fired after leaking information about the woman's cremation.

As we reported, Louisiana State Police Troop I Spokesman Trooper Thomas Gossen says that 27-year-old Tyler Nicole Girard of Breaux Bridge failed to stop at a stop sign on Bourque Road.

Girard's car was hit in the door area by a pickup truck. Her vehicle crossed the median on Louisiana Highway 167 and hit a shed on private property.

The father of Tyler, Doug Girard says it came to light that a crematory worker sent text messages to her husband giving Tyler's information to him. The man then went on social media to discuss it. KLFY reports the crematory worker's husband wrote,

What are the odds my wife is cremating Tyler, weird small world."

Doug Girard filed a complaint with the Louisiana State Board of Embalmers. At first, the woman was reprimanded in writing. An investigation followed, and the President of the Lafayette Crematory, Justin Lee, said, "She is a former employee, and nothing else can be elaborated on."

Taylor Girard, the twin sister of Tyler Girard, contacted one of our stations to explain exactly why they want this information told to the public,

We brought the story to the news to make people aware of the unethical actions that went on in this local business. These businesses deal with very sensitive situations and death should not be taken lightly.

In addition to dealing with the death of his daughter, Girard has to deal with this violation of her information being shared on social media.

He had the following to say about this whole situation and living with the loss of his daughter,

I will never live without knowing the truth, the sickness of this woman and it's so hard to say what else I would want done because I am not an evil person, and just people are sick and they do things. The biggest message is just to try to deal with things as best as you can. You try to grieve and I hope this would really never happen to anybody else.

The fatal crash that took Tyler's life happened at around 8 o'clock on the night of October 24.

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