Sports fans have been waiting a long time for Tiger Woods to be back on top.

A few weeks ago when Tiger came close to winning his first major in five years, my boss told me that "Tiger winning is good for golf," and boy, was he right. Tiger's moment came Sunday at the 2018 Tour Championship and the sight was everything you could imagine and then some.

Woods was leading comfortably on the final day of the tournament and when it became clear that all he had to do was avoid a double bogey on the final hole to win, the scene was near chaotic.

As Tiger made his way to Hole 18, a massive swarm formed behind him. I would say he was like the Pied Piper of golf, but at that moment, he was way bigger than that. It's something that can't be described, so just watch the video and enjoy the greatness that is Tiger Woods.

This goes to show that when Tiger is on top of his game, there really is no one better.

TOUR Championship - Final Round
Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images

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