Clad in special garb to prevent a deadly bite, the handler enters the octagonal glass enclosure with slithering critters that send most people literally running for the hills.

Dave Richardson, however, has been performing his West Texas Rattlesnake Show for over 20 years, and he knows exactly what he's doing. He must! He's never been bitten.

His show is comedy, education, and fascination all rolled into one big ball of wriggling reptile that you most certainly will want to include in your visit to the Louisiana Outdoor Expo.

Dave says, after one show season, he returns these rattlesnakes to safe, private land. He then collects a new company of creatures, "whispers" them into shape, and makes them the star of his show for the next season.

Don't miss The West Texas Rattlesnake Show at the Louisiana Outdoor Expo at the Cajun Dome Convention Center, July 27-29, sponsored by Fire and Safety Specialists.