A few photos of debris blocking drainage ways in Lafayette have surfaced on Facebook and this could be a reason why we have so many flooding issues in and around the city.

The photos were posted by Janine Dugas and they were reportedly taken off the Ambassador Caffery extension.

She says that she has reported this issue and problem to the state, but nothing has been done about it. Dugas says in her Facebook post that she reported this issue to the state three years ago.

Look, this isn't the ONLY reason why we have drainage issues in Lafayette Parish, but this certainly doesn't help. To see so much debris blocking these drainage ways is disturbing.

Personally, I've seen the same at Galbert Rd. and Cameron St. in Lafayette. I hope that the state, city or parish sees this and that they clear this water passage. This isn't good.

We should also note here that anytime it floods in the city you see how much people litter in Lafayette. This has to stop if we wish to elevate the flooding issues throughout the parish.

Here's another photo of the drainage issue in Lafayette.

Facebook via Janine Dugas
Facebook via Janine Dugas


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