The other day I was shootin' the breeze with my 11-year-old Bill, and he brought up the Cajun legend of Madame Grand Doigt, or Lady Big Fingers. I had never heard of Madame Grand Doigt, and the legend is as creepy as it sounds!

Madame Grand Doigt is described as "a lady with long fingers who comes to little children to make them behave." 

She is also said to live in people's attics, and will crawl down to exact a little discipline when kids are bad. Precisely what kind of discipline isn't certain, and that makes it all creepier.

Other legends say that if kids are good, Madame Grand Doigt shows up at midnight on New Years Eve and leaves fruit for children. Not nearly as frightening as crawling out of your attic to punish kids with her big fingers.

"You might see her walking along the side of the road with a large sack on her back, snatching up children who were bad. You never heard what happened to the children. Maybe they were eaten or fed to a creature deep in the marsh. Some versions talk about her collecting children’s toes for a necklace!"

Local musician and author Yvette Landry has written a book on Madame Grand Doigts called "The Ghost Tree" available through HERE. It's also illustrated by a very good friend of mine, artist and musician Cullen Bernard.

Have you heard of Madame Grand Doigt?


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