Most people I know like to help children, and there is a mission that helps us become Santa's elves to Acadiana's needy children. 'Rosa's Angels' has a huge job to do, and we are hoping to help. We are hoping you can help as well?

Rosa's Angels Christmas Bags
Photo courtesy of Robin McMillan

Robin McMillan owns McMillan's Pub which is located at 2905 East Simcoe Street, and it's the hub of a very industrious Christmas program for kids in Acadiana. McMillan is the woman who runs Rosa's Angels named after her mother.

Child Showing His List to Santa
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This is the sixteenth year that Robin is spearheading a campaign to get a list of needy children and to fulfill those wishes with the help of the community. Last year, McMillan and many volunteers were able to fill the wish lists of 937 children in our area.

Child Talking to Santa about His Christmas List
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It can be done with the help of the community Can you imagine being the coordinator of getting 937 children something for Christmas? It's a huge job. So, Robin needs help. I have already taken a child's name and list, and I have purchased the items on the child's wish list. I added a second child to buy for this year.

Rosa's Angels Christmas Workshop
Photo courtesy of Robin McMillan

Robin is hoping that others in the community will join in to help. She says she works during the entire year to get items for children along with the help of her friends. Robin comes out of pocket for many of the expenses, and she says her friends (the elves) have always helped her too. Would you like to help out this year?

Advent Calendar
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So, how do you go about finding out about the needs of a child for Christmas? You can contact Robin. She actually gives out her cell number and has a huge list to keep everything coordinated. You can call Robin today at 337-781-7069. If she is not able to answer right away, please leave your name and number. She will call you back.

Rosa's Angels Christmas Bags 2
Photo courtesy of Robin McMillan

You can look at the child's wish list, and purchase the items that they are requesting. She says some children may ask for items out of anyone's price range, so in that case, you would simply buy something else on the list. It makes sense though because everyone has dreams but it's not feasible to buy an iPhone for example.

Gingerbread House
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Once you have the items purchased you can return them to one of the drop-off points. Drop-off points include the following places:

McMillan's Pub at 2905 East Simcoe Street

Kpel Studio at 1749 Bertrand Drive

Fisher Early Childhood Development at 204 East Farrel Road

Fisher Early Childhood Development at 230 Ridge Road

Louisiana Poboys 3431 Pinhook Road

Moreau Physical Therapy at 425 Settler Trace Blvd #150


Christmas Presents
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What do you do if you don't want to shop? It's not a problem if you're not interested in doing the shopping, or if you don't have the time, you can simply make a donation. Robin and her friends will then do the shopping for you.

Would you be interested in getting your office involved, or maybe your club? Robin says she needs all the help she can get.

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