While a lot of you head to Disney World for the flashy rides, the roller coasters and the always amazing fireworks show at the end of the day. I am still amazed by one of the parks oldest and most prophetic exhibits. It's the Hall of Presidents and I have been fascinated with it for years.

The Hall of Presidents welcomed a new face and figure to the exhibit over the past few days. It is the likeness of our nation's current Chief Executive Donald Trump.  I can't say I am blown away by the recreation of Mr. Trump. His likeness is not one of the imagineers best creations but from a distance, you could make the case that they did do a pretty incredible job.

Mr. Trumps recorded remarks aren't political at all. They are quite stirring and the kind of quote you'd expect to hear from a leader of the greatest nation on Earth. There are some reports that are suggesting people are now boycotting the exhibit because of Trump's inclusion.

That's a shame. Because even if you don't care for Mr. Trump there are plenty of other Presidential robots you can like during the presentation. Afterall, they are all robots I don't think any of them are getting their feelings hurt you didn't show up to at least enjoy the air conditioning.

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