A Gallup poll finds President-elect Donald Trump has a 42% approval rating, the lowest since George W. Bush, who had 59%. ULM Political Science Professor Dr. John Sutherlin says Trump will likely come into office and follow through with his agenda, regardless of what polls say.

“I think he will do what he feels is best regardless of the polling. Now, the downside to that obviously is he is going to do what he wants, regardless of what the majority wants.”

Trump will be sworn into office on Friday. Sutherlin says Trump will do what he thinks is best but on certain issues that will be problematic.

“The repeal of the Affordable Care Act, or rolling back some of the laws dealing with immigration, even in favoring certain types of infrastructure projects.”

Sutherlin says Trump doesn’t seem like his is bothered by public opinion.

“I think that his low approval ratings, for Donald Trump, will have little to do with what he attempts to do over those first 100 days.”

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