How well do you know Drew Brees?

If you're a fan of the Saints or just a fan of football in general, chances are you appreciate the guy for what he's done on the field. You may also be aware of how amazing he is when it comes to being a father and a figure in his local community.

A series that I've kept up with over the last few months is '9 for No. 9: A Champions Journey.' The series is hosted on Facebook Watch under the official New Orleans Saints Facebook Page, and according to their description of the episodes:

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is on the doorstep of history. In recognition of these pending accomplishments, is launching a nine-part video series on the life and football career of No. 9.

Now that Brees has broken the record, the final episode centers around that special moment as well as his plans for the future. Whether you're a Brees fan or not, this is a great series to watch and I highly suggest it.

You can check the entire series out by following the link here.

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