An Evangeline Elementary school teacher is apologizing over a pair of 'awards' she handed out.

A first-grade teacher by the name of Jessica Bordlee is taking some heat after one student's family members felt his awards were "inappropriate." According to the Daily Advertiser, 7-year-old first grader Hayden Albert received certificates for "Most Talkative" and "Class Clown" at an end-of-year ceremony.

As you can see in the Facebook post above, his family members found no humor in the awards at all.

This was an academic achievement ceremony where you are supposed to celebrate children. This had nothing to do with honoring the child. It’s not appropriate for the first grade.

The Advertiser also reports that Bordlee gave the young student a plastic red clown nose to wear in front of the class, although the teacher says Hayden asked for it.

UPDATE: We spoke with Hayden's grandmother on the show and she revealed that earlier in the school year Hayden reportedly called Bordlee a "crackhead." He was disciplined at home, but family members believe the teacher "has not gotten over it" and the award may have been a form of "revenge" for the incident.

Listen to the phone call below.

After speaking with the student's grandmother, Bordlee called the show and wanted to make a statement about the awards she handed out. Listen to what she had to say below.

Once school officials with the Lafayette Parish School System learned about the incident, agreeing with the family members that it was "not an appropriate award."

LPSS Chief Administrative Officer Joe Craig says Bordlee has apologized to the family.

Additionally, due to the severity of the incident, the principal will be recommending disciplinary action taken against the teacher. That is a personnel issue. However, we were very concerned about the teacher’s actions and human resources will respond accordingly.

Do you feel that these types of awards should be given out to students? How would you react if Hayden was your kid? Do you think the teacher meant any harm toward Hayden with her awards?

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