In my time living in South Louisiana, I have come to understand this about rain. It's not always how much rain has fallen it's sometimes about how fast that rain fell. If you've lived here a while that makes sense to you too.

It looks like this weekend we might get to experience not only a lot of rain but a lot of rainfall over a short time period and that's where the flooding potential really escalates. Because of this threat, the National Weather Service in Lake Charles has issued a flood watch that basically covers all of Acadiana through early Sunday.

Weather Service forecasters are suggesting that much of the area along and west of the I-49/U.S. Highway 90 corridor will experience three to four inches of rainfall over the next 24 to 36 hours. If the rain falls is steady but spread out over that time period the potential for flooding won't be nearly as great as if we see heavy downpours.

The bad news is that we will likely see both before the weather system that's responsible for the precipitation moves out of the area by Sunday morning. Temperatures will also be 10 to 15 degrees cooler once the frontal system moves through the area.

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