The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are extremely warm this time of year. While they might not be refreshing to swimmers on the beaches those warm waters are just what tropical systems feed off of.

While much of the tropical attention has been focused on Hurricane Irma there are reasons to keep a watchful eye on an area of disturbed weather in the Bay of Campeche. The biggest of those reasons is that it's a lot closer to home than Irma is right now.

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are giving this system a 50% chance to become a tropical cyclone of some kind over the next two days. Over the next five days that probability is 60%.

The majority of the tropical models that have picked up on this system don't seem to be favoring a system that would move toward the U.S. Right now it appears as if this system will simply be a Mexican rainmaker for the next several days.

Let's hope that cold front that should be moving into the area later today and Wednesday will push this system out of the Gulf and allow it to dissipate over land.

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