Republican Congressional candidate Holden Hoggatt held a press conference today to unveil a slate of endorsements from former Congressmen backing him over Rep.  Clay Higgins.

Hoggatt's event, which featured former Congressman and Senator John Breaux, and former Congressmen Chris John and Charles Boustany, highlighted Hoggatt's commitment to the community, which is a key part of his campaign's platform.

“During my time in Congress, I saw who got the work done for their constituents," said former Congressman Charles Boustany during the event. "I know that you can lead as a conservative, and do it well, only when you are focused on service, not self-promotion."

Boustany's involvement with the campaign began well before Monday's press event. Back in September, he was spotted at a fundraiser for Hoggatt, calling for supporters to help fund what seems to some like a longshot campaign.

attachment-hoggatt boustany
Former Congressman Charles Boustany at a fundraiser for Holden Hoggatt in September (Credit: Hoggatt/Twitter)

"It's extremely important that we send from to Washington D.C. that the people of this district can be proud of," said former Congressman and Senate John Breaux. "That they can identify with."

Chris John, who represented the area back when it was in the 7th Congressional District as a Democrat, touted his time working with both parties as a reason why Hoggatt was the right choice.

"“As a former Chairman of the Blue Dogs in Congress," he said, "I worked with Republicans, Democrats, and whoever we had to so we could help our constituents. In Congress, you represent the people, not a single party and not a single cause."

attachment-Holden Hoggatt Chris John
Former Congressman Chris John speaking to candidate Holden Hoggatt after an October 10 press event.

During the press event, Hoggatt focused on the difference between himself and Higgins, who he believes isn't the right fit for the district.

"The main reason I'm here," Hoggatt said, "is not to point out the issues that we're all aware of. It's more that we need someone in office who understands the cause and effect of these issues and works hard to address them."

"Not rhetoric, not attacking the other side," he added. "But sitting down with whoever we need to sit down with and coming up with a consensus to benefit the people of south Louisiana."

Hoggatt previously made waves in the race with an ad that national news outlets called "explosive," mocking Higgins' time with St. Landry Parish Crimestoppers.

So far, Higgins has not responded to the ad, or to any of his opponents. He has run some ads focusing on his conservative beliefs, and his campaign touted his endorsements from former President Donald Trump and others.

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