The Friday night parade has started rolling down the Lafayette parade route tonight. The floats are beautiful, and the throws are in abundance! Float riders are throwing t-shirts, tons of beads, plastic cups, and stuffed animals among other throws.

While several parades have already happened around Lafayette and Acadiana in the last few weeks, tonight is the first parade of the Mardi Gras weekend 2022 in Lafayette.

It's also a special parade because it's all about honoring the many heroes who have worked so hard during the Covid pandemic.

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It has been several years since we have seen the Friday night parade, as it has always been called. And that's not because of Covid. Unfortunately, the Friday night parade disappeared for a few years, but now it's back. You can bet that despite the chilly weather people are out there in droves tonight, and this article provides you with all the pictures from the parade that is happening now.

Mardi Gras
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With no Mardi Gras in Lafayette last year, so many people were super excited to get out there and have some fun. All the parades in Lafayette begin at Pontiac Point. This is the intersection where Simcoe, Surrey, and Jefferson Streets all come to a point in downtown Lafayette. It also gets its name from the Pontiac dealership that used to sit on that corner.

All of the parades end up at "Le Festival De Mardi a Lafayette" at Cajun Field where you can catch some throws, ride the rides at the fair that is happening, and enjoy some great music from local artists. This is a good place to go to see the parades, and it offers, like all of Lafayette Mardi Gras, a family-friendly event. In addition, you can also park, for a fee, at Cajun Field.

Keep scrolling for your first look at the Friday night parade for 2022.

Friday Night Parade, Covid Heroes Parade

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