Gary Chambers, the frontrunner among Democratic candidates in the November election for John Kennedy's Senate seat, is known for his progressive politics and his viral internet ads. Now, he's back with another one praising America's "progressive" history and attacking both John Kennedy and "moderates" in the race.

Here's the ad, which opens with Chambers walking up to an outhouse.

"And me, not being one willing to settle with the crap we get out of our senator, John Kennedy," states in the ad. "That makes me radical."

In the ad, he claims that "truly exceptional" American moments feature Americans not settling for being "moderate, mediocre, or weak."

The moderate attack appears to be aimed at one of his opponents in the election, Luke Mixon, who is supported by Governor John Bel Edwards and many of his allies.

Featuring the building of the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge, establishing social security and the Interstate system, and landing on the moon, the ad makes a case that it's "extreme" and "radical" ideas that will push America further and take Louisiana out of "50th in everything."

Luke Mixon, Facebook via Luke Mixon for Louisiana
Luke Mixon, Facebook via Luke Mixon for Louisiana

Mixon has run a quiet campaign, holding some community events. But he has thus far been unable to raise much money ahead of the election. Chambers, meanwhile, has been able to raise a lot of money, but has little on hand at this time.

Kennedy comes in with a massive warchest of millions of dollars. He is also the most popular Republican in the state, according to a poll that showed him winning a theoretical gubernatorial race against Jeff Landry, Bill Cassidy, and others.

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