Imagine that you are a waitress, going about your business working hard, and then you get a big tip. That's exactly what happened to a server at a New Orleans restaurant according to WAFB.

It's a beautiful story of a prayer that was answered according to the young woman who got a $777 tip from a customer. The server says when she got the tip she knew God was listening.

Big Tip Receipt
Photo courtesy of WAFB

Just that day the server went to the Olive Church in Metairie where they are working desperately to raise money to replace an air conditioning unit along with money for other repairs. She had already given $300 dollars to the project, but we all know how expensive air conditioning units are these days. She continued to pray for help for their church. Many others at the church donated, but it still wasn't enough.

Take the Night Off
Photo courtesy of WAFB

The server, Ava Guan, went to work at HoShun Chinese restaurant, and the man left a big tip on his bill of $63. He even wrote on the ticket, "Take the night off".

She says it's crazy, but she knew right away that this was a gift from God, and it was the right thing to donate the money to the church.

The owner and manager of the restaurant, Alice Ho, had this to say about the situation, "Gave me goosebumps. She told me she prayed that day and it came true. That means somebody listened. Someone listened."

The waitress, Guan, says her decision to donate the money was easy. She prayed for it for the church because of the needed repairs and the new air conditioning unit, so it only made sense to donate the money. She says,

"I donated the money to Olive Church. It's not my money, ok so I think the gentleman is the angel for me."

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