This could be a game changer.

Google just announced their latest gadget and this one puts them on the heels of a similar Apple product. The Google Pixel Buds were announced this week and one particular feature has people talking—literally.

The Pixel Buds are very similar to the Apple AirPod headphones but one huge exception is what makes Google's product far more exciting. Using Google's technology, the Pixel Buds are able to live translate 40 languages with the touch of a button.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had this to say:

We have improved our translation ability more in one single year than all our improvements over the last 10 years combined.

According to Futurism, the translate function is only available when paired with a Google Pixel 2 phone, and utilizes "Google's AI-powered, voice-activated assistant, Google Assistant."

This is definitely a cool feature when you are traveling in a foreign country, but I highly doubt it will work on Cajun French, lol

Preorders are available now on the Google store website and the earbuds will be available in November at a price of $159.

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