The Grand Coteau Fire Department is looking for volunteer firefighters.

Smaller municipalities like Grand Coteau usually don't have enough of a tax base to support all civic services, so volunteers are sometimes needed for those services. One of the most important services to have in a community is a fire department.

Firefighters are not only trained to suppress fires, as they must know basic CPR and other life-saving skills. They go through safety training, help with fundraisers (to buy firefighting and life-saving equipment),  participate in community outreach programs that teach people about fire safety, visit schools, and many departments even provide smoke alarms to those in need.

The Grand Coteau Volunteer Fire Department says that experience is not necessary, but the ideal candidates will live in or around the Grand Coteau area. If you do, please consider donating your time and talents to help make Grand Coteau safer.

If you don't live near Grand Coteau, but do live in a rural area that does not have full-time fire services, please consider becoming a volunteer firefighter.


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